Make a Reservation for Wasatch Travel
Use our secure online reservation/payment form to book your trip and enter all of your passenger details.

Your info will be securely encrypted to Wasatch Travel and then we will make the payment for you. In step 5 you can give us any additional requests or specify excursions you would like us to book for you. 

For International Trips: Submit names EXACTLY as they are on your US passports.

For Domestic Trips: Submit names EXACTLY as they are on your US driver's licenses for the adults. For minors, submit their legal names.  You can skip over the passport info if doing a trip within the USA. 

Names can't be changed. 

In Step 4 - enter in your credit card info. It says optional - but it's easiest to submit it first - otherwise, we will need to have you fill out a separate form to collect your payment info.

If you are getting an error on the booking form, the most common mistake is in the phone field. Make sure you add a plus sign and a 1 like this: +14357098656 as an example.
Or maybe you forgot to digitally sign it?  Call us if you have questions.